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VonHanson's Snacks

A long-time friend and client of ICBits was looking for an e-commerce solution for her and her husband’s new venture. In 2000, they opened Von Hanson's Meat in Monticello, MN. Seventeen years later, they took up the challenge to branch out into the snack industry. They started small, with four products, but within a few short months, they had signed dozens of micro-breweries, taverns, country clubs, and restaurants who serve their flavored pretzels. They quickly needed solution for online orders, but only from approved vendors as they were strictly wholesalers.

While Shopify's system is primarily for retail vendors, add-on apps are available. Unfortunately, these apps come at a cost adding a hefty dollar to their monthly fee. Luckily, since Shopify is an open system, ICBits was able to recode various functinoality to give them the wholesale functionality they needed at no additional monthly cost.  

Within the first year, they realized they needed a map of places where their products were sold, so a simple Google map was added. They added several more products and exploaded into retail stores across the US. Because of their huge success, in 2021, we added a more robust store locator app giving visitors the ability to search for stores near them.

  • SERVICES: Shopify Website / Email Services / Website Mgmt.