Good Times Park
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Good Times Park

Looking for a great place to take your little ones? If so, you have to check out Good Times Park. This indoor park is not only perfect for days when the weather isn't optimal for outdoor play, but your child will also find play areas that spawn their creativity and learning.

When Good Times Park first opened, they were looking for a cost-effective website to promote their start-up. At that time, ICBits built their first website using one of our ItsyBits designs. As their business grew, they needed a more robust website with additional functionality and one that needed to be responsive to mobile devices. So ICBits was thrilled to be able to provide them with yet another website.

Good Times Park has been with ICBits since 2013, but honestly, the most interesting part of our journey was to watch other indoor parks open. 'Interesting' as, not only did these parks create websites that were eerily similar to Good Times Park's website, one actually went so far as to copy her color scheme, some of the unique functionality, and her content word-for-word. I guess 'imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery.' Well that or at the a cease and desist letter. Wink

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